Howdy Labs Irving, TX – USA

About Us

Déjà vu, from the French, literally meaning “already seen” is the mental phenomenon of having the strong sensation that what a person is currently experiencing, be it an event or otherwise, has already happened in the past. It is a feeling of familiarity. Everyone has experienced the surreal-ness that is Déjà Vu in their day to day life, and the dreamlike normality of it inspired us to create this, knowing that people would be able to identify with it.
Knowing that everyone can identify with this common feeling we at Howdy Labs felt that a juice to identify with this feeling, a common taste that identifies with something everyone knows and finds familiar, would be fitting. With this, we introduce, Déjà vu – Surreal.

What Makes Us Different

Our unique team here at Howdy Labs works tirelessly to create juices that consumers can enjoy as high quality, daily vapes. We work from start to finish, on flavor, concept, art, and liquid creation, start to finish, to make the perfect liquid, start to finish, from the vaguest concept to fully fledged bottle. Because we work entirely in house, with a state of the art lab, and with a team of qualified professionals, this makes the liquids we create one of a kind.

About Howdy Labs

We are a state of the art lab deep in the heart of Irving, Texas. Using only the finest caliber of materials, our care for what goes into each juice we create is paramount. Each juice is carefully crafted using PG, VG and flavorings sourced from the best and safest places possible. All of our juices are US made and will stay that way, because we know our customers appreciate our amazing lab and the quality it produces.

Flavor Profile

Surreal is a cereal flavor we all remember and can be fond of. A bowl of fruity loops in milk, it is delicious and has that taste we all remember and love, just like Déjà vu. Available in 60 ml size, and 0-3-6 mg for a delicious daily vape.